Iran is right place for investment

2. Market potential: a country with population of more than 70 million and neighboring markets like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq.

3. Labor privilege: huge trained manpower is available in Iran. Manpower fees are more reasonable than other countries.

4. Infrastructure: Developed network of main infrastructure like telecommunication, power, water, roads and railways across the country is available.

5. Low utility and production cost: average cost of infrastructure is more reasonable than other countries.

6. Natural resources: Varied and plentiful reserves of natural resources ranging from oil and gas to metallic and non-metallic species reflecting the country’s accessibility to readily available raw materials

7. Other advantages: many other range of advantage is available in Iran, there is good climate with four season, flat fix tax rate 25% …

Beside above capability, Iran has suffered and limitation of sanction in recent years and in near future there is huge opportunity for investors.
If Iran reaches a nuclear deal and sanctions are lifted, investors are likely to queue up to invest in the country.
On behalf of my career, Iran market is right place for investment but there is some blind spot for running a business and expat people should care about them.

English Knowledge and corresponding:

Although Iranian young generation is serious to learn English language, it is not to easy hire staff with good English skill. Collecting of a working team is a hard job. People who speak English well, are unskilled in own position mostly and vice versa. Right skilled staff with English knowledge for all positions is infrequent. Some Iranian job sites have English skilled employee data base and can help companies to find right people as well.

Official correspondence, banking workflows, governmental formats… shall fill and write by Persian language and staff cants speak English mostly. In notary offices for signing any official documents like power attorney shall hire an official & authorized translator.

Don’t worry, if you hire a PRO (Public Relation Officer) most problems will solve. Also after few month expat people knows which bank branches and other organization have skilled employee in English.

To be continued…

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